Hart to Heart

Listen to our podcast about commercial real estate and local businesses in the Dallas area. Hosted by Allison Allison Johnston Frizzo and David Harris.

Hart to Heart Podcast

Episode One:

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In this first episode of Hart to Heart our hosts, Allison Johnston Frizzo and David Harris, talk about their careers, how their entrepreneurial spirits have guided them to this company, and essential traits successful commercial real estate agents should have to make a name for themselves in this industry.

Hart to Heart Podcast

What's Working with Cam Marston:

Our very own Allison Johnston Frizzo & Tanya Hart Little joined acclaimed author and speaker, Cam Marston on his podcast “What’s Working with Cam Marston” and discussed solving the inter-generational workplace code. Tanya Hart Little, a Baby Boomer, admitted that maybe there’s something she didn’t know. In her new commercial real estate brokerage, Hart Commercial, she needed young, ambitious, and aggressive talent. At the time, Tanya was mentoring Allison Johnston Frizzo, a Millennial. Through their relationship, then friendship, and now business partnership, Tanya realized that the historic model of the senior people in the industry know the most, know what’s best, and know how to get things done was broken. Tanya gave her young team some direction, worked to shape the company goals, and offered lots of leeway and then let them run with it. The result? Overwhelming success in a much shorter amount of time than anyone could have predicted.

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