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Ladies In CRE

Everyone can remember when they were first starting their careers in commercial real estate. Challenging to find your way in, right?

A lot of young professionals give up, not knowing how to enter the industry as there seems to be a lot of barriers. When young talent does overcome these obstacles, they can often burn out, not having proper guidance to learn from and survive in the business.

Founder Allison Johnston saw young women in their 20’s and 30’s in the industry trying to grow their careers and wanted to provide a platform that brings in accomplished women to speak and learn from. Allison attributes her success in CRE to her mentors who helped her navigate her career, connect her with opportunities, and provide guidance.

Allison also understood that those who take the time to mentor will also receive the benefit of building those relationships with the younger generation. That was one of the catalysts for founding Ladies in CRE, which now supports 700 members.

Mercy Street Girls

Mercy Street

Founded in 2003, Mercy Street grew out of the desire to see a small pocket of poverty in Dallas transformed by the gospel. 

When Mercy Street began, the community’s high school dropout rate was alarming. Of the 394 students who entered Pinkston High School in the fall of 1999, only 85 had been promoted to seniors in the fall of 2003. Of those seniors, only 20% passed the TAKS test – now required for graduation – and the average SAT score was 758.

Believing transformation best occurs in the context of relationships, we began Mercy Street with a mentoring program. Following the pattern Christ established by dwelling among those he ministered to, Mercy Street seeks to be “incarnational” in our ministry efforts.

Mercy Street placed its first Mentor Coordinator at George Washington Carver Elementary School. Mentors were recruited from churches around the city to shepherd every child in the 4th and 5th grade of that school. By the end of that first year, 85% of the students in the 4th and 5th grade had enrolled in the program.


Dallas DogRRR – Rescue.Rehab.Reform is a group of dedicated, animal-loving volunteers that help rescue dogs with our main focus being in Southeast Dallas.

Through your donations, we can maintain supplies, food, water, and provide shelter, rehabilitation, and medical care for our animals in need. Every single cent that you donate goes directly towards our day-to-day operations, ongoing vet bills, as well as boarding costs for the precious dogs that we do not have fosters for. Everything we do goes directly to helping our animals in need.